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Reviews from Past and Current Clients

"Paloma is amazing. She's so sweet and helpful. She comes from such a diverse background with music and voice that I felt like she definitely related to me and my vocal needs and desires. She spent time with me looking up songs for an audition then actually practicing them with me during the same lesson. She's really intentional and even helped me find my voice and confidence. I was singing like other artists and she helped me find my true unique voice and sound. Thank you so much, Paloma."

Elisabeth B

"Paloma saw me last minute to work with me on preparing for a show for the next day. I was panicking and literally called every vocal trainer in LA, and she was the FIRST to call back. She was AMAZING to work with, and has the most beautiful space and energy. I was confident for my show the next day because of her help and expertise in getting me to sound my best and preparing. Thanks Paloma !!!"

Amanda S

"I was interested in learning how to sing, and to get more vocal control for some public speaking I'm doing. Paloma was able to shape the lessons for my ultra beginner level, pointing out all the techniques where I'm strong as well as tailoring exercises for me to work on during the lessons and in the days in between. The first lesson is totally about her downloading your unique needs and giving you confidence in your own abilities. Even after just one month I've noticed a striking difference in my singing voice. Beyond that, at social events, in meetings, and even on the phone I can sense my exercises giving me greater breath control and more confidence in my tone. Highly recommended for anyone looking to control their voice and more!"

Rene A

"Paloma changed the way i sing in the first lesson... i wanted to know how to sing various genres and have control over my vowel sounds per style as well as vocal health, range control, etc. what is the "trick" ... she gave me the solutions on the first lesson, she didn't drag the answers out... she listens to what i want and also sees what i need. LOVE THAT!. i've been singing for a long time, quit, and now i'm jumping back in... ALL THE STUFF i want control over she is teaching me... very chill, sweet, instinctual, knowledgable teacher with a beautiful voice, thank you Paloma."

Karen M

"I hired Paloma as a vocal coach for my 13 year old daughter. My daughter is interested in musical theater and I was looking for someone to work on her vocal skills. She has worked with Paloma only 4 times now and today I got to listen to the piece they've been practicing. (My daughter has had no previous voice lessons.) I was blown away at the difference in my daughter's ability to sing! She sounded great. I am an elementary school teacher and I am thrilled with the progress I saw in such a short period. I couldn't be more pleased with choosing Paloma for my daughter's vocal coach."

Kathy B

Julaiah is my favorite vocal coach I've ever had. She is kind and passionate about teaching, and will not hold out on any advice she has to help you improve. Her breathing exercises and understanding of human anatomy will help you build the resonance you need! I plan on booking her many times in the future and am grateful to have her assist me on my vocal journey!"

Rohgene K

"I'm a professional actor that has done a fair share of work in musical theater, including performing with the national tour of The Book of Mormon. My actor training didn't focus much on singing and I wanted to improve my knowledge and gain better command of my singing voice. I've been taking lessons with Paloma for 2 1/2 months now and I can honestly say in that short amount of time she's helped me gain a better understanding of my voice, of singing and she's improved the quality, range and tone of my voice. She has a wealth of exercises she employs to help me overcome my challenges and address concerns from multiple angles. In addition to a full hour of vocal work during class, she provides voice memos, YouTube links and other resources for homework drills to help you continue your growth between sessions. I highly recommend Paloma for artists at all levels who are seeking to improve their vocal instrument."

Corey J

"I'm a working voice over actor and singer, and Paloma has changed my career. After working with her for a couple month, I've been booking at least 25% more gigs I audition for. I can't believe how much difference strong technique makes.  Thank you so much!"

Devin D

"Julaiah is an excellent vocal teacher! She gives great advise and works with you on how to be a bette singer. She has an amazing way of teaching, explaining and boosting your confidence. Don't hesitate, book your appointment she is awesome!"

Sindy L

"I am a fellow voice teacher and professional singer. Paloma has a great attitude with first hand experience in the music industry. She will not only improve your singing, she can also guide you through a confusing industry."

Nina N

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