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"I highly recommend Paloma for artists at all levels who are seeking to improve their vocal instrument."

-Corey Jones, Actor
Book of Mormon

About Paloma Vocals

Based in Los Angeles, California, Paloma Vocals offers singing lessons to professional musicians, amateurs and students of all ages, in addition to public speaking coaching for professionals and academics.

Founder, Paloma Ramos, has helped singers, musicians, producers, actors, voice actors, CEOs, Sports Casters, Salespeople, Attorneys and anyone looking to utilize their voice effectively. Whether preparing for your first audition, next album, presentation, auditioning, or simply seeking more balanced and confident control over your voice, Paloma can help get you to where you want it to be. 

“Your voice is a huge billboard for who you are. The second you open your mouth, people are making judgments about your confidence level, your education, your background and your likeability whether you want them to or not. We are constantly using our voices, so by not learning how to use it effectively, you’re missing a huge opportunity to make friends and influence people.”

- Paloma Ramos

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